Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How to Study - Maths

Maths is perhaps the nightmare of many school goers. Even mine. However, I was able to overcome that and was able to secure good marks. I consider getting better at maths is something which changed my life forever. If I was poor in maths, I doubt whether I would have been able to complete my Engineering and be what I am right now.

I have listed down some tips that could help you in getting A+ in maths:

1. Regular Practice

Practice Maths regularly. Take an exercise and do it for an hour. Don't do too many exercises on the same day. Do problems from one section on a given day. For EG: In Geometry, just work on problems related to "Areas" on one day. Move on to another chapter like "Volumes" on another day. It is better to have a tutor. They will help you in doing problems regularly and you will not be overwhelmed.

2. Do not memorize all the formulae (May be some..but not all)

Yes! Don't memorize them all. Try to understand how the formula has been derived. That really helps you in understanding the IDEA and the APPLICATION behind the formula. Scientists actually derive them . So think yourself as one of them and see how you'll solve the problem if no formula is given to you.

Let's say that your parents are going to buy a new house! :) You have a measuring tape with you (A big one). The house's plot is not rectangular but it is some what irregular. How would you find the area of that house?

3. Learn your tables

You should know how to calculate fast. Maths is for speed. For a good start, learn the tables from 1x1 to 30x30. This should really make some difference. Try to make calculations mentally.

Also learn some short cuts. You can get them at


There are ofcourse many sites. Just google them.

4. Recollect what you have done

It is best to go through the work that you have done until it syncs in to your system.
Once it syncs in, you should be able to recollect any formula any time.

As it is maths and not Poetry, you should be able to answer a maths question at ANY TIME. i.e If you are given any surprise test, you should not think of secretly-open-the-book-and-go-through-some-problems. Yeah! It is maths..come on.. you should be able to solve it any time. That's the point I am trying to make. You don't open your book to find out the area of circle every time before the exam. It should be on your finger tips. (Not written on finger tips)

5. Be STRONG in your basics

I cannot stress this point enough. If you are already weak, there is nothing wrong in taking your previous classes books and going through it.

6. Use Maths in everyday life

Use it in everyday life. I bet you can use multiplication, additions, divisions, averages, areas , volumes,age related calculations etc in your everyday life

7. Know the importance of "PI"

8. Know the conversions from one unit to another

9. Form study groups and try to solve problems fast

10. Maths is fun! Think out of your book and find websites which really give you a different perspective of maths. Take IQ quizzes.

Hope these tips help you. If you have better methods, do post them in the comments.

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